Jerusalem Connection on God’s name

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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Jonathan has provided education and training services to organizations and individuals in Vietnam since 2007.
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10 Responses to Jerusalem Connection on God’s name

  1. Shalom; John thanks for the video’s. I must say after careful consideration of what everyone is saying in reference to the Hebrew Messiah’ Name it becomes obvious as Ezekiel chapter 20 repeatedly declares that the only name that belongs to our Savoir is YHWH. I am coming to the conclusion (again) after great consideration and repeated research that the Messiah carried with Him the Holy Covenant Name YHWH aside from resounding popular belief. I have given your thoughts on this matter careful consideration, since I have given you this time by your request, please go to “Creation Science Academy Home School” on Youtube and see us and hear what we have been saying there for over ten years now. Consider this fact John and check to see if I am telling the truth. Jesus has a “us” on the end of this Greko-Roman name. Ieso is the masculine form of the greek goddess of healing Iaso. If you take Ieso and add a us to the end you get “Iesous. Yhshua literally means YHWH IS the Savior/Salvation. Remember the jews would stone and or execute you for calling a man by the Name of YHWH. It was blasphemy to do so. So they were not lying when they called Him YHshua. Because YHWH is the Savior. Therefore YHWH is the Savior none else, no other Name. Remember the first commandment. This is the Epiphany. The showing forth of the revelation pertaining to the Name of the Father, Son/flesh, and Holy Spirit.


    • I understand your concerns,. believe me, I really do.

      Regarding the ban on the name, it was lifted when Judah Maccabee defeated the Greeks after 167BC. People began to use it again in contracts, daliy use, and worship. Exactly when the ban on the name by the Romans started is not clear, but from what can find, there was a ban on the name by 180AD. There was no ban on the name from the Rabbis yet because it was a Rabbi who was executed in 180AD for using the name in public. It’s probable that the name was used commonly between the Greek and Roman bans, at the time of Messiah.

      I have made a list of verses regarding Yehovah being the Savior through Yeshua. It is a common teaching in the New Covenant. It seems that no one ever gave up worshiping Yehovah or considering Him the Savior. Paul repeatedly says that God (the Father) is the Savior through/by means of Yeshua. I’ll email them to you.

      Regading the usage of Yesu and Yaso, I can tell you that this is not how Greek determines gender. A Greek word is determined to be masculine or feminine based on the suffix – the last 1 or 2 letters of the word – not the prefix or beginning of the word. In Hebrew, the text says his name was Yeshua. The suffix -a is fine in Hebrew, but feminine
      in Greek. The masculine suffix in Greek is -s. Yeshus. Then we need to know that there is no “sh” in Greek, only “s” so it because Yesus. Then in modern Engligh, the addition of the J into the alphabet made it Jesus.


  2. What is the Name of our Creator?

    I will answer this with many questions.

    How do you name something you cannot explain?

    How do you name something you cannot see, but you can feel?

    How do you compare the unknowing to the knowing?

    What name do you give a feeling?

    How do you pass this Name down from generation to generation with the total emotional connection that was present when the translation of the Name first came to be..? So you see I cannot tell you the Name of ‘AHYAH’ you have to re-discover it within your spirit. However, we do have a guide and that guide can be re-discovery in the Ancient Paleo Hebrew Characters.  

    The name ‘AH’Y’AH’ is two symbols in the Ancient Paleo Hebrew (HEY) = AH and (YUD) = Y.

    The Paleo Hebrew (AFRICAN) was around 500 years before the Aramaic (Babylonian) Hebrew. The Paleo (AFRICAN) Hebrew looks nothing like the Aramaic (Babylonian) Hebrew or the Modern Yiddish (German). The Paleo (AFRICAN the original) is more related to the Egyptian alphabet, because it was influenced by it, because the Hebrews are the Egyptians. Hebrew not (German Yiddish Jews pretending to be Hebrews), but Hebrew is our original language mixed with the other Black African tribes that went into Egypt during the 4th Dynasty 2500 BC.

    The Aramaic (Babylonian) is nothing like the original it is Afro Asiatic which means it is a hybrid of the original. The present day modern Hebrew is Yiddish (German). The German Hebrew the Yiddish is what is used today to tell us the name of our Creator. This used in the Cabala. The Cabala was first created around the 1 century BC after the 72 Jews took over the Original Hebrew culture. “Simeon bar Yochai” was the first Jew to write the Cabala, around 70 AD over 700 years after the Paleo Hebrew was taken over by the Aramaic Hebrew. The Cabala was inspired by the first Usurper Jews in the 1st century BC, the father of the Cabala (Simeon bar Yochai) inspired the modern version in 70 AD, and the Cabala did not become main stream until 1200 AD and now you have the Hermetic Kabbalah which was created in the 15th century AD.

    I mention this because the names we see for example; Jehovah, Yahweh, Hayah, YHWH & Elohim all come from the Jews that conflated the original Hebrew story. The names do use the core of the original Paleo African/Egyptian language because the Jew is using the Cuneiform script, which inspired the Egyptian hieroglyph, which also inspired the Proto-Canaanite alphabet and the Phoenician alphabet. Therefore, they are taking the information from the root and conflating it, so they can usurp it and control you. If you do not know this, you will error in your conclusion.

    So when you try to find the name of our Creator you are looking at a lot of deception and confusion. The Usurper Jews can be traced from the Sumerians, to the Ugarit’s, to the Amalekites aka the Hyksos, to the Edomite and finally to the usurper Jews of the Greek Era of the Ptolemy Dynasty. When you research this line, you will see that they are referencing the Babylonian Aramaic Hebrew. When the Edomites converted into Judaism around 200 BC they took over everything Hebrew of the Egyptian/ Hebrew line. They are the ones that inspired the Shemhamphorasch which is based on the Tetragrammaton of YHWH the 216 names of THEIR god YAHOVAH and this is the root of confusion.

    There was no letter ‘J’ in the English language until the 16th century and is Germanic in origin. The letter ‘J’ replaced the ‘ i ‘ and the ‘ i ‘ replaced the ‘Y’…

    ‘Jehovah’ – The suffix “Hovah” is No. 1943 in Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary, and has the meaning of calamity, ruin, mischief, perversion, and wickedness.

    It is another form of No. 1942 ‘Havvah’ {EVE’s name}, which can be translated as calamity, iniquity, mischief, mischievous thing, naughtiness, naughty, noisome, perverse thing, substance, very wicked.

    Put the two (Yah + Hovah) together and you get “God of ruin, mischief, calamity, perversion, and wickedness.” Simply put, Jehovah… Yah’hovah etc… is The false little ‘g’ – god entity of Evil… aka Satan..!

    HOVAH is the LONG and well established Phoenician god, the main deity of most Canaanite tribes. Even most of the Arabs knew ‘Hovah’ as their main deity prior to Muhammad’s experience. The “Yah” only later Hebrew-ized it.

    So when you transliterate the name, one letter at a time… it transorms and looks like this…


    In Hebrew Babylonian Talmudic Germ-atria (the study of applying numbers to letters…) the letter ‘V’ = 6… V is the symbol of the Fallen One aka Lucifer / Satan the Fallen Seraphim… = serpent. Strongs=H8314

    The letters ‘O’ – ‘V’ – ‘U’ and the ‘W’ (double ‘VV’ or double ‘UU’) are ALL interchangeable… so when you add the letters ‘U’ – ‘W’ in the name of ‘YAHUWAH’… you get 666… 6+6+6 = 18… 1+8 = 9 the Number of the Beast..!

    Ezekiel 28:13 mentions 9 stones the covering of Fallen One aka Lucifer / Satan the Fallen Seraphim / Serpent…
    “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created”.


    • 1) Where in Scripture is the name of God “Ahyah”?
      2) Paleo-Hebrew is not African but Phoenician. Where do you get that it is African?
      3) Hovah has many meanings, not just one meaning. English words have different meanings, not just one meaning. “Fly” is a verb that means to go in the air; it’s also a noun that means an insect with 2 wings. Hovah has different meanings. In the context of Exodus 3:15+ it is “was, is, will be” not the noun “destruction.”

      The greatest knowledge you can have is the fact that you do not know everything. Rethink, reconsider, and feel free to reply on topic.


      • seatiger7 says:

        I suggest you re=read the article… for the answers to Q/ 1:
        Q/ 2: Science has established as fact… All peoples of the world come from Africa.. DUGH..!
        Q/3: I guess you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink..! So I will repeat…

        ‘Jehovah’ – The suffix “Hovah” is No. 1943 in Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary, and has the meaning of calamity, ruin, mischief, perversion, and wickedness.

        It is another form of No. 1942 ‘Havvah’ {EVE’s name}, which can be translated as calamity, iniquity, mischief, mischievous thing, naughtiness, naughty, noisome, perverse thing, substance, very wicked.

        Put the two (Yah + Hovah) together and you get “God of ruin, mischief, calamity, perversion, and wickedness.” Simply put, Jehovah… Yah’hovah etc… is The false little ‘g’ – god entity of Evil!

        HOVAH is the LONG and well established Phoenician god, the main deity of most Canaanite tribes. Even most of the Arabs knew ‘Hovah’ as their main deity prior to Muhammad’s experience. The “Yah” only later Hebrew-ized it.

        If your NOT happy with Strong’s explanation… I suggest that you take that up with them…

        I have never made any claim to know everything… and neither do you smart arse… So… Rethink, reconsider, and feel free to reply on topic.


      • Are you arguing the origin of mankind from Africa based on Egyptology? The history of Egypt that gods reigned as kings for more than 20 thousand years? There is an equally and perhaps more realistic history from Biblical, Hebrew, and Mesopotamian texts that show mankind originating from the Fertile Crescent.

        Regarding hovah, in simple terms we can use the example of a butterfly, which is neither made of butter not is it a fly. Butter is a dairy product, a fly is an insect, and a butterfly is yet still different. The combining of words or roots with others does not always result in the same meaning for those parts, but they often change in their meaning – this happens in every language that I have studied. There is more to a language than lexical (Strong’s dictionary) constructs. Before claiming anything based on Hebrew linguistics, I suggest knowing Hebrew first. Otherwise, you will create some very radical and new theological worldview. If you are going to have this theological perspective that the name is Ahyah, then you should have some textual or manuscript evidence for this. Where is that?

        A great book written by a Jew that everyone can really get into regarding Yehovah is “Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence” by Nehemia Gordon. Another one written by a Christian pastor is “His Hallowed Name Revealed Again” by Keith Johnson. Nehemia is completely bi-lingual and Keith has been reading and speaking Hebrew for nine years. With my limited and functional knowledge of Hebrew, these were easy reads, but I am sure everyone will find them easy readings. Shalom.


  3. seatiger7 says:

    There is NO argument… or debate… chum, forget Egyptology..! Science has proved the origins of Mankind began in East Africa… FACT..! And AFRICA is the REAL location of the Garden of Eden / Earth..!

    There wasn’t just one man & one wombman created either… as Adamah means Mankind and is plural = many. The belief of there was just one Adam & Eve is for children and opens up another, whole can of worms; and we are into all sorts of incest problems that ‘AHYAH’ explicitly forbids..!

    Q/ Where did Cain’s wife come from…?
    A/ As stated above..!

    As for your suggestion… “There is an equally and perhaps more realistic history from Biblical, Hebrew, and Mesopotamian texts that show mankind originating from the Fertile Crescent”… – I think NOT..!

    Unfortunately for mankind, there have been many redactions, falsifications & insertions into scripture to mislead… any and every-time you see a contradiction in scripture, it should begin to ring massive alarm bells, that something is very wrong, and a lie has been inserted or something has been redacted or changed around, by those who have an alternative agenda..! Either ‘A’ is ‘A’… or it is NOT – ‘A’…! ‘A’ cannot be ‘A’ and ‘B’ at the same time..!

    E.g. ‘Mt Sinai’ or ‘Mt Horeb’ – ‘Yah’qob or Is-ra-el’..?
    E.g… Mankind got kicked out of the Garden for eating an apple… you’ve got to be kidding right..?

    It was a sexual act with the Seraphim enemy, who impregnated wombman… further examples of sexual interdiction between Seraphim – ‘Reptilian’ – ‘Nephilim’ – ‘Malakim’… aka ‘The ‘Fallen Angels’ / Ascended Masters / Ancient Ones… are given & stated in Genesis 6.
    Some of the problems in understanding ‘Genesis’ and the time of creation, is the misunderstanding of the Hebrew term for time; the word ‘Yom’… which in it’s correct form, means a ‘period of time’… NOT explicitly a 24hr period of time..!

    As for linguistics, I put no faith in Aramaic (Babylonian) Hebrew, as it true origins have been conflated by the enemy (Ashkenazi ‘Khazarian [fake Hebrew] Jews) … and regarding ‘Hovah’ and your quaint little ‘butter+fly’ analogy… we can ALL play with words… so please don’t play semantics with me, such quibbling over semantics is petty…

    As stated earlier if your going to argue over this then I respectfully suggest you take it up with Strong’s and suggest to them, they are wrong… and need to change, their interpretation… I can only guess what they would say… probably consisting of just two words and one of them would be… OFF… LMAO…!!!

    There was no letter ‘J’ in the English language until the 16th century and is Germanic in origin. The ‘J’ replaced the ‘ i ‘ and the ‘ i ‘ replaced the ‘Y’…. so ‘Hovah’ – ‘Yahovah’ or ‘Jehovah’… Is what it is, and as stated earlier… the pre-suffix of ‘YAH’ to ‘Hovah’ just Hebrewised it to become – ‘Yahovah’ or ‘Jehovah’… Get over it..!

    Our Heavenly Fathers Name is an expression… ‘Breathe I Breathe’ or ‘AH’Y’AH’ from Exodus 3:14… as laid out by Dawid Yah’qob McCabbeus… and the original Palo Hebrew Chart..! For ‘AH’Y’AH’ – Breathed into Adamah, the breath of life… Nephesh / Ruwach – wind , breath, mind, spirit / soul..!

    These websites & short video clips may help shed some light…



    After you have watched these video’s read some of the comments by Africans who live in these area’s and others who have insight & understand.

    Nabisubi Brenda 7 months ago
    “Ya this is all tru I am Ugandan mountain Rwenzori was originally called the mountain of the moon by the natives before the British changed its name to Rwenzori during the colonial times and its the highest block mountain in Africa and also the source of R.Nile is in Uganda which drains in Egypt. Uganda was originally a big country basing on the history we study it occupied some parts of Kenya and had access to the Indian Ocean but during the Scramble and Partition of Africa by the colonialists it was made smaller and given the name The Pearl of Africa bcoz of its stunning nature…n the name Uganda was derived from a Hebrew word Gudgodah meaning ecampment if u r to read Deutronomy 10:6-7 thats why the Jews had in mind to move to Uganda under tje Basel setting to fit in tje profecy in Zephraniah 3:10-11 after realising that the Lord’s place was in Africa but due to their strategy Uganda was not appropriate and so decided to move to palastine n if u are to see the description of Gudgodah it was described as a place with plenty of water and that is exactly wat ug is all about. Thanks again Yahushua bless”.

    MrMGR1986 1 year ago
    Now that I go back and look at scripture promise and by the looks of it the garden of Eden was friggin huge.. Like hundreds of miles huge.. Who knows what happened to the land masses during the flood. My guess is that the garden spanned from eastern africa all the way to ancient Mesopotamia and assyria. Or at least what we can see on the maps we have today..

    As for Nehemia Gorden he’s Esau an Askennazi / Saphardic Khazarian (fake Hebrew) Jew… again I don’t recognise Yiddish Hebrew to be any true representation of the original Palo Hebrew language… so he can be as bilingual as he wants, it don’t mean Squat..!
    It’s time for people to pull their heads out of their backsides and understand… There is an ALTERNATIVE ‘Serpent Seed’ Agenda going on that you & I, are not supposedly privy too..! Yet some of us are awake to what is really going on and exactly, WHO is behind ALL these shenanigans…

    “Peoples perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through the screening mesh of what they want and do NOT want to believe”..!

    So you are free to believe in what you want, it’s still for now, a free world and you & I (for now) still have free will and are free to choose what we want & do NOT want to believe…


  4. In my own life, I have learned to believe what is written, not what I think is supposed to be written. Perhaps you can also take this and consider this.

    In your own mind, you see ahayah in Exodus 3:14 and take His name to be Ahayah. Is this where you get Ahayah? But this is your belief about what is supposed to be written. What is actually written is ehyeh. You can believe that the vowels were added to intentionally alter this pronunciation, and you can believe that ancient Hebrew did not have the vowel e, but this is not what is written, and there is no reason to assume in this place that the vowels were intentionally altered for some reason. Every language has vowels, and some languages do not write the vowels. With English, vwls r nt ncssry t ndrstnd th sntnc. But if you are not a native English speaker, it is nearly impossible to understand English without vowels. You know verbs have different forms. In English, read is a present tense verb. Read is also a past tense verb, but both the present tense and past tense sound different. Non-English speakers need help to understand this. This is where vowel marks are handy for non-English speakers to learn English. It’s the same with Hebrew. The vowels are not for Hebrew speakers, but non-Hebrew speakers.

    Going back to hovah, in English, fly is a noun and verb, but each has a completely different meaning. The same can be true for any language, even Hebrew, even hovah. Actually, from what I can see in the Hebrew verb forms of hayah, Yehovah is a combination of was, is, and will be in the active tense. This agrees with the phrase referring to the Father in Revelation “the one who was, the one who is, and the one who is to come.”

    The problem with using Strong’s only is that it only gives the primary form of the word, but does not give the alternate forms. You can look up hayah in Strongs, but cannot find ehyeh because ehyeh is not the primary form of the word. It’s the same way with English dictionaries. In English dictionaries, you can’t find is but you can find be. Unless you really know Hebrew, I would strongly suggest not creating any new doctrine or teaching based on your knowledge of Hebrew. I don’t know a lot of Hebrew, but I do know Biblical Greek and modern Vietnamese, so I know something about the way languages work. Here is a video of man who created his own doctrine based on his Hebrew knowledge from Strong’s alone:

    All of your other topics go back to the first statement in my comment. I strongly recommend believing what is written rather than what you think is supposed to be written. What is written is Yehovah. If you don’t want to read Nehemia’s book because you think he is the seed of Satan, then might I recommend Keith Johnson’s book His Hallowed Name Revealed Again. He is a Messianic pastor with 10 years of Hebrew behind him.


  5. GarthYahu says:

    It is more considerable and provable in Ancient History and the Major peoples of the world that they worship an entity called and Named- YAHUWAH, He Exist which is more primitive to many tribes, tongues and accents of the worlds indigents, Jehovah and Yehovah are the modern renditions as seen in modern scholarship.


    • What is this “great weight of evidence” that His name is Yahuwah? Which manuscript and reference? The Hebrew manuscripts have Yehvah when the olam is missing, but Yehovah when it is present with full vowels. See It’s okay. I used to say Yahuwah and then Yehowah until I found out it’s plainly written in the Hebrew manuscripts. It’s just a matter of choosing them for your evidence or choosing a translated manuscript or circumstantial evidence. I had to choose the Hebrew, of course.


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