Today’s educators out of touch with history and reality

To the editor of University World News:

I already unsubscribed from PIE News and Inside Higher Ed. You’re next, University World News.

The articles contained in your news letter that tend to portray nationalism and statehood in a negative light, and your inclusion of so called educators’ articles on the detriment of a Trump presidency to higher education are enough for me to say adios to you as well.

Today’s liberals have forgotten that the post-reformation constitutional nation states are what gave us classical liberalism and led to the written liberties found in the US Constitution. Globalism didn’t do this – nation states governed by cultural sects of people did this.

No on really knows what a Trump presidency will do to or for higher education because he hasn’t really outlined any policies in that area. What we do know is that he is for school choice and homeschooling, which is more effectively academically in proportion to real cost. The pessimistic speculations of these people on Trump’s higher education policy just adds to unfounded tensions that have lead to the riots we have seen in the past week.

The media has been an excellent tool for the the Democratic National Committee (the party of the KKK) as it creates a straw-man of Donald Trump and beats the straw-man with it’s violent socialist hammers and sickles. The media is solely responsible for instigating the riots by purposefully misrepresenting Trump; President Obama is also responsible for allowing the revolutionary way of Black Lives Matter and other violence to continue in the name of “protest” – something Martin Luther King, Jr. condemned as he saw it in Malcom X’s movement.

It is people like those at University World News who were confounded by Brexit, confounded by Trump, and will continue to be confounded by the rise of nationalism because they are out of touch with both the people the historical context of current events. Segregating the people by race, color, sexual orientation, and creed in order to weaken nation states and strengthen a globalist goal will not be successful, at least, not in this generation.

University World News:

Inside Higher Ed:

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About Jonathan Lankford

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Jonathan has provided education and training services to organizations and individuals in Vietnam since 2007.
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