19-Year-old German Woman Raped by Pakistani Muslim Immigrant with Hepatitis C

sharia unveiled


Pictured above; 38-Year-old Pakistani Muslim Rapist

‘..With Good Behavior, the Muslim Rapist Will Only Have to Serve 2 Years of His 3 Year and 10 Month Sentence for Rape..’

ACHTUNG deutsche Leser: Bitte klicken Sie hier, um diesen Artikel auf Deutsch zu lesen. Danke.

by, Chris Menahan | InformationLiberation | Bild.de

A 38-year-old Pakistani man deliberately bit a 19-year-old German woman while raping her in order to infect her with Hepatitis C.

Despite his heinous crime, he will not be deported and was only sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison.

From Bild.de (as translated by Diversity Macht Frei):

Zwickau – It was only a few minutes. They destroyed the young woman’s life. On Thursday, a man with many previous convictions was sentenced to 3 years and 10 months at Zwickau District Court.

The Pakistani was so deeply revolting that he bit his victim several times in…

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