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Help! Send money right now, says Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society!

Originally posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch:
It is “an unprecedented crisis!” Mark Hetfield, CEO HIAS I suspect all of the nine federal refugee resettlement contractors*** are doing this—end-of-year appeals for money for 2018.  I just happened to see HIAS’s appeal yesterday.…

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What do parents raise their children for? – Vietnam’s cultural conflict

A sophomore university English student accurately portrays the conflict between traditionally Eastern collective society vs. the Western individualist mentality that is emerging in Vietnam. The heartfelt video story demonstrates this conflict using fictional characters, while the blog article explains the details … Continue reading

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“Invisible” Text Revealed on First Temple Era Pottery | Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

New “do it yourself” method of photography reveals a message that time has long hidden. Another artifact from the 7th century re-affirms the existence of the theocratic Kingdom of Israel. The sender of the message greets the recipient in the … Continue reading

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53 Verified People in Biblical History – The BAS Library

Lawrence Mykytiuk’s popular BAR feature “Archaeology Confirms 50 Real People in the Bible” describes 50 Hebrew Bible figures that have been identified archaeologically. His follow-up article, “Archaeology Confirms 3 More Bible People,” adds another three people to the list. In this BAS … Continue reading

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God’s Word, concerning the regathering….

Originally posted on natsab:
The Kingdom of God is a physical future literal event that has its own King, Citizens, and Law: natsab View original post

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Plagues on Egypt (updated)

Originally posted on VISUAL UNIT:
The 10 plagues sent on Egypt in Exodus 7-12. PDF version (147 KB)

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Germany: 14-Year-old Child-Bride Reportedly Gang-Raped by 8 Muslim Immigrants Inside Asylum Center

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:
ACHTUNG deutsche Leser: Bitte klicken Sie hier, um diesen Artikel auf Deutsch zu lesen. Danke. ? by, Vlad Tepes | Merkur | Translation by: Nash Montana Erding — At an asylum waiting room in the year…

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